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Notice of dissolution effective March 15, 2023

After 5 years of organizing, we have made the difficult decision to dissolve S’ATTAQ. Systemic problems at the Industrial Workers of the World and related capacity reductions made it unsustainable for us to continue to run the union. 

If you are interested in receiving an email in the event the union is re-established, you can sign up by writing to

If you are looking for a labour union for freelancers, please check out: 
The Canadian Freelancers Union (Associated with Unifor)
The Canadian Freelancers Guild (Associated with Communications Workers of America) 

You can still reach out to us at with any general inquiries. 

When we began this initiative, the Quebec economy was churning employees into contractors at a dizzying pace — a tendency that has accelerated in the last half a decade. 

While much of employment and labour law was thus placed out of reach for workers who found their industries turned freelance, most unions of long standing were unable to adapt their organizing methods to the changing economy. This is the context in which we launched our effort to equip freelancers with their own labour organization that was tuned to the laws and market conditions governing contract work. 

Though we had to make the difficult decision to end this particular effort, organizing freelancers remains an essential component of today's labour struggle. 

The conflict of interest between those who purchase labour and those who sell it will continue to generate worker organization. So this is not the end —  it’s a shifting of gears. 

We are tremendously grateful for all of the support and endorsement we have received as a member of Quebec’s civil society. 

Our members will continue to fight for justice at work and in the community shoulder to shoulder with all of you. 

Be Well, 
The Team
Syndicat associatif des autonome du Quebéc



Who We Are

The Syndicat associatif des autonome du Quebéc is a union for freelancers. We are a diverse group of freelancers who have come together to take control of our working lives, support each other through mutual aid, and increase wages in our industries.


Our union is open to all types of freelancers across all types of industries, including temporary workers, independent and dependent contractors, undocumented workers, artists and crafts people. 


S'ATTAQ is a proud local of the Industrial Workers of the World, a union with over 100 years of experience, consistency, and dependability in the fight for workers rights.

What We Do

Organizing freelancers to improve our conditions

Reclaiming your unpaid invoices

Helping each other to resolve disputes with clients

Providing educational workshops

Getting dependent contractors their full rights as employees

Networking and job sharing

What We Do

Our Campaigns

S'ATTAQ is a non-hierarchical organization, so this means anyone is welcome to bring ideas for projects and campaigns.

​Get in touch with us or come along to a meeting to find out how to make it happen!

Game Workers

We are actively organizing with our members in game studios to improve working conditions and change the industry for the better.

Sex Workers

The Sex Workers Industry Movement (SWIM) is a Montréal based project looking to protect and defend workers rights in the sex work industry. 


Journalists everywhere are facing an increasingly difficult and competitive industry. S'ATTAQ is working to change this and bring journalists together.


Knowledge is power and popular education is the way to get there. We host free workshops on a range of issues affecting freelancers. Have an idea for a workshop?

Reclaim Your Pay

Primarily using direct action methods, we work together with other freelancers to reclaim unpaid money from clients. Lost earnings or want to get involved?

Reclaim Your Respect

Are you facing discrimination or harassment as freelancer? Contact us to find out how we can help you to reclaim your respect.

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